Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Third time's not a charm at all, actually

This is my third attempt at a post. Maybe this one will stick. I wrote the first two, and then realized that I'm not ready to write them. Maybe soon.

My friend Ronald died last month. I found out two weeks after the fact, on Facebook. That was my first failed attempt at a post.

I really like a guy with whom things are, sadly, going the same way they seem to always go. That post was a whiny "what's wrong with me?" one step away from terrible teenage angsty poetry journal entry mess that you would probably gag on and then wonder why on earth anyone would post anything remotely so terrible on their blog as an adult. So.

It's winter again. I walked to the library during lunch today while snowflakes I swear to God the size of my head dropped on me like fluffy clouds falling from the sky. The giantest of giant snowflakes. It was as if God was throwing snowballs from heaven.

Third post, about snowballs from heaven. I'd rather hear about dead friends and scared lovers, wouldn't you?

How about this? I will post all three, and you can vote. I won't edit them. I'll just post them. And you, dear readers, can decide. My vote is for none of the above, btw. I think they're all awful. But you people won't leave me alone, so I'm going to just blame this on you.


Okie said...

I like the former two better because you risked exposing yourself. Here, as usual, you cover the deeper levels of your heart with humor and self deprecation. Both tones are good and a joy to read. But the former are refreshing because there are few in this style in Lizzie's Adventures.

little miss gnomide said...

I love you, Jacqui!

Rona said...

haha! How did I miss this post?? I WANT SNOWBALLS FROM HEAVEN!! Well, okay, that and dead friends and scared lovers. (I love this post, by the way.)