Monday, January 5, 2009


Ah yes, it's that time of year again, my fluffy marshmallows. Resolution time! During which I "spontaneously" make the exact same list as last year to be studiously followed for somewhere between 1 and 48 hours before unceremoniously forgotten, after, of course, the requisite amounts of consternation and guilt about not really planning to lose weight or quit smoking. I mean, I mean to do those things, but somehow, my resolve just isn't, I don't know, resolved enough. Or something. Or resolutions are stupid and just make people feel like failures.

In that happy, optimistic vein, then, I offer you my Lizzie's New Year's Resolutions 2009 Edition, in which I resolve to do things I know I should do or I really really want to do, but in such broad, vague terms that the actual doing of the things will require many many smaller steps that I'm not going to think about now, and then when those smaller steps come up to be done, I'll probably just ignore them. But resolutions are what we Americans do, and by dammit, I want to at least appear patriotic.

1. No more douchebags

Originally, this one applied to sex only, but I've since broadened it out to other parts of my life, like people I know, and people on the Subway, and world political leaders. See? Broad generalizations, the small steps of which I'm cleverly avoiding. No, but seriously, I'm tired of guy douchebags especially, and the plan is to be a little more careful in the coming year about who I date and etc. Also, the eradications of "friends" who are really just douchebags who know me who I'm not sleeping with. I won't go into specifics here, but let's just say that if you've been a douchebag in the recent past and I stop talking to you, you probably are on the list.

2. No more cigarettes

Sigh. If only they could make them healthy. But alas. This is something I will actually be working toward, in small, measured steps. I've wanted to quit forever for real for a long time, and though my smoking is generally sporadic, I'd like to stop for real. If only it weren't so damn enjoyable! Ah well, we all have to grow up sometime. Or get lung cancer.

3. The requisite resolution to work out more.

You know, because everyone is doing it. Resolving to, anyway. The truth is that exercising helps curb the smoking and is pretty much the only way I cut back and/or quit ever, so they're pretty entertwined. Besides, all the douchebags need to see how hot and sexy I am now that I'm not wasting my time on them. Yes? Yes. It is all about making boys jealous. Always. And other girls. That is where self-esteem comes from.

4. No suicide

Since #1 is going to take a serious toll on my love life, and #2 is going to take a serious toll on my social life, and i know that being in shape isn't everything, I figure a resolution is in order to make sure that my resolutions don't kill me.

5. No homocide

Or anyone else.

6. Do one fun, new thing every week by myself

I figured I'd throw in a semi-pleasureable one because a) no one ever resolves to do anything fun or exciting and b) I need something to do to keep me from smoking and sleeping with douchebags. And no, I don't know what I'll be doing yet this week, though I'm probably going to hit up a museum after work Friday.

Oh, and 7...

7. Write more, write consistently, stop being so goddamn self-loathing about writing, and maybe think about trying to publish something.

Ugh. We'll see about this one.


little miss gnomide said...

You have to keep the seventh one. Seriously. I want that novel revised and polished and looking absolutely beautiful. Just like you. :)

One of my resolutions is to be less crazy. I'm just not sure how to accomplish this.

Okie said...

I know we all ask for, or at least desire, accountability even if we don't really mean it, but I'd like to help you with one of your resolutions: writing.

I think a schedule is the only way anyone can be consistent and less harsh on themselves with disciplines. So, I'm going to get up at 7 a.m. to work on a story every morning -- no journaling, no reading, no staring at the wall.

But what works for you?

writing three times a week...
writing in journal everyday...
writing on weekends...???
Whatever it is, it should be quantifiable and reasonable.

I'm getting up every weekday morning at 7 and working on a publishable story for now. I may tweak it to be earlier or only 4 days a week or whatever. But for now, that's my goal.

Funny post, btw :D

Lizzie said...

Okie, yes, thanks, you're right. And i was already thinking about going for the three days a week thing, writing on a story specifically, then journalling and blogging in other times that don't count toward the 3 days. But how do we make ourselves do it?

David said...

Bwahahahahahahahaha!!! When I read this, seriously, I peed a little.

Rona said...

'That is where self esteem comes from.' HAHAHAHAHA! omg, it's so true.