Tuesday, January 22, 2008

and baby makes four

Yes, this is the fourth blog I've started. Well, the third, actually, but I'm a member of another, so we'll just go with four. if that's okay with you. actually, i don't care if it's okay with you. it's my blog. i can do what i want.

so, anyway, the first blog was an angsty "i hate my life in pittsburgh, everything sucks, my boyfriend doesn't love me, and i have no friends" whiny, ranty piece of shit that no longer applies to my life. so, i've let that one mist off into the ether of the blogosphere. good riddance. the second started off as a "writing" blog, but the only posts i made to it were updates on how my "novel in a month" project was working out, which, coincidentally, only lasted for a month. i never actually posted anything i've written. because everyone i know has that blog address. and i just don't feel comfortable putting myself out there like that. especially when my mother and grandmother can read it. not that they do. but they could. the third is a group blog, like i said, that sort of counts but that i'm not going to post anything personal or non-writing--related to (how do you do en dashes on this thing?). So here's lucky number 4.

I decided to start this new, improved blog because A) a certain Okie has been *loudly* complaining of late that i "never" post anything to my blog and B) I keep having weird, funny, crazy, existential, terrible, and/or deep-thought--inducing (en dash, again) experiences the likes of which i feel i should somehow document so that when i'm married with kids and live in the suburbs in a few years, i can look back and be marginally solaced by remembering that life used to be worth living. also, we've all seen how the writing-themed blog worked out. right, not so good.

so, here's to me possibly writing something on a blog that has more to do with my life (which continues whether i think about it or not) than my writing (which resembles something more like a petulant child that is prone to running away and attempting suicide).

Enjoy yourself. That is, if I actually blog on this thing.

Oh, and thanks for reading. Your comments are welcomed (unless they're mean. in which case, keep it to yourself unless you want the equivalent of WWIII via blogosphere. seriously, i mean it. i'm a badass.).


Sideshow said...

4th time's a charm!!! YEAH! I'm glad that a certain "okie" complained to you. Can't wait to hear about your adventures in this great city. I'm a fan!

Okie said...

Yeah, those okies can be pushy.

YES! You're here.

David said...

Awesome! I'll be happily tuning in. :)