Monday, February 4, 2008

a writing update

i haven't written much in the last several weeks, most probably because of the frenzy of writing i did leading up to my application to grad school, which was due January 15. unless you count this blog, which is more writing than i've done in a long time, not counting the October novel. or the fact that even though i fancy myself a "writer" i do much much less writing than i would like. or like to admit.

so, imagine my surprise when, last evening, i oddly found myself in front of my computer, web browser closed, with just a blank Word document open. Oh! I thought to myself. I suppose I should write something, then. I began writing, as i always do when i sit down with little purpose or direction, about writing. Then, as i sometimes do, i decided i should try writing something that didn't sound like a diary entry.

so, i wrote a poem. and remembered why i don't write poems. i'm terrible at poetry. but hey, i wrote something, right? i would insert an excerpt here, but it really is terrible, and i'm on my work computer, so i can't.

I'm not sure why I'm avoiding my current story, which is about a mother and daughter who don't want each other but end up needing each other (or some variation on that theme). I think it's because i feel like i started really strong and the more i write on it, the worse it gets.

I also had another idea that i haven't started on yet, about a mortician. That's all you get on that one, for now anyway.

And i have yet to read through or edit the novel i wrote in October. Though I'm tempted to trash it and call it what i suspect it extended exercise in getting the cobwebs out of my system and showing myself that i do, in fact, have the discipline to write 50,000 words in 31 days.

i think my next goal will be writing something worth reading.

which is how i end up not writing anything for extended periods of time.



Sideshow said...

none of this is wasted time or energy! I would say, "Keep writing!" Don't worry about the "declination of your writing." It's probably mostly in your head anyway. Save the editing for the appropriate time. Just write! I know you know all this, but sometimes it's good to hear again. I would even say don't edit your Novel in a Month yet. Even if it was an "exercise," there may be some great stuff in there that you can use. Don't trash it yet. Let your work simmer for a while before you "write" (haha) it all off. Okay, I'm done preaching.

Okie said...

Good preaching, Sideshow, and I agree.

Also, want to apologize if I encouraged you to push your mother story too much. We were shooting to get it done in time for the deadline, and I think we put too much strain on it than is healthy for a story.

You must be able to sit down with the freedom to write shit and go anywhere you want to go, we dampned that with rushing the process. But now you have all the time and freedom to write the hell out of it. Feel free to jump around, put the character in a strange situation, vividly write about the daughters bowel movement, WHATEVER.

You gotta feel free to write shit.

I'm not done preaching, but I'll stop;]

Rona said...

I read once in a commentary on Hemingway that he wrote as it flowed and then, as soon as he was conscious of writing, he stopped. And let the story end. But that's f*cking Hemingway, and we don't all have the luxury of Parisian cafes and the company of Fitzgerald. So I'm gonna side with the Goshko's here and say WRITE DAMNIT, and WRITE CRAP. And if you're feeling uber-blocked, do what my 'projects book' says: write a five page short story and take a shot after every page. Now THAT will get the juices flowing.