Friday, February 29, 2008

leap day

also, why can't the extra day this year be during a somewhat reasonable month? July, for example. Who wants an extra day in February?

Yeah, yeah, i know, in the grand scheme of things, an extra day means summer will be "technically" pushed back a day, but it's the psychological aspect i'm talking about here. How depressing is it that we have an extra winter day when winter is depressing enough?

Also, i've never heard all of the folklore about leap day/year until today, which apparently has something to do with all the women running around trying to coerce men into marrying them. good riddance to that bullshit. seriously, who came up with the idea that women are somehow incomplete until marriage?

stopping that before i get started. i'm way too cranky to get started. though i will say that i'm reading a pretty good "social history" non-fiction book right now called "Bachelor Girl" about single woman-hood during the past 150 years. I'm up to about 1910. What i've learned so far is that single women were generally regarded as either spinsters or whores. Luckily, in 2008, you can be both at the same time.



Okie said...

Bachelors are players; single women are whores and spinsters. They made the movie White Man's Burden and reversed the roles of blacks and whites.

They should do a similar movie and reverse the roles of men and women. I think that'd be fascinating.

Lizzie said...

i agree.

let's write the screenplay.

Rona said...

I'll be the spinster! I mean, the whore! I mean, the black man! I mean, where am I??